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12s4p EVO falcon First Build


What’s your range on the 10s4p? @topcloud



Hi @Cpace: with Samsung 30q in a 10s 4p configuration I usually get real-life 35-40km on a full charge (dual 190kv 6364 Motors // 15:36 // 90mm Senor Pepe’s // 15mm belt // 79kg // flat surface)…this is at an average cruising speed of about 32-36km/h


still using and loving it! even with my over 200lbs its a beast. but I would not buy a TB conversion kit today because my knowledge of individual parts grew. planning a TB direct drive build, hummie deck, bigben single stack enclosure and a 12s4p batterypack built by pjotr.


Thanks. Your the man @riverside.rider.


what hub motors are in that picture?
looks like diyeboards?


please forgive my brevity, one hand broken in two places :slight_smile:


how did that happen? Esk8?


you’ll know if this is for you after your first break.

hit this rolling on 90mm wheels; never even saw it due to a shadow:

the board literally halted, immediately

I went full Superman at about 9 MPH into empty road (again, a miracle).

I had time to plan my roll yet my left hand still hit first (I couldn’t pick it up) so it broke on impact and then again, later on the other side, as I rolled over.

that crack is so deep, my enclosure chipped from the surface of San Antonio Road.

very unusual for me to be riding so slowly, too.

going for an MRI next week, I will probably not be better by Barrett Junction (may need a little procedure on a ligament, we’re not sure yet).

all this… from skipping wrist protection for a chorizo burrito. :slight_smile:

be safe


I just got out of my boot from a broken foot injury which happened on Thanksgiving. My board/remote disconnected midride causing my board to accelerate to top speed as a delayed response to my remote. My response was to jump off the board immediately. Thankfully I was only going about 20 mph and did not suffer a worse injury. Definitely more contemplative now about whether a want to build a faster board.


Damn that’s a lot… I get 15-20 on 90mms :sweat_smile:


Hahaha how much do you weigh ???


I’m 1.85 and 95. I just whack the throttle down all the time :smile:


Ahhhh. Well I am 172 at 75kg…after Xmas surely 80kg.