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10s3p Samsung 30Q Build Check


Bestech D596 is the model number. I’m actually trying to solder the switch on if that makes a difference instead of shorting it.
I will post a wiring diagram soon once I finish my homework. :slight_smile:


Ok get back to your homework :books: and stop slacking!!! Hahah.

I found a thread on this BMS already with a wire diagram.


hahaha dude this battery has been on my mind this whole day I’m super pissed.
Yeah I looked at that thread to follow precisely the wiring diagram they provided me.
Honestly I’m fed up with this BMS it’s bullshit the eswitch never even ended up working, and ultimately made the BMS die on me. I got this from @hyperIon2 @hyperIon1 but they don’t seem to care enough to email me back a response.
I think I’m gunna get the D140 charge only BMS or something else if you have any recommendations.
Just gotta make sure to make a ghetto anti spark plug with an XT90 right?


XT90-S Its not really getto its proven to be way more reliable and safer than e-switches. It just does not look as nice. Many here prefer them after blowing up many eswitches.


Yeah I ordered a bunch of XT90 just to be on the safe side of things.
Do you have any recommendations for charge only BMS?


I did email you a response, and if a d140 will satisfy you I’ll send one tomorrow


We do care. So much so we will send the D140 for free because the one you have doesn’t work.


Maybe a typo but you need the (s) version, XT90-S not the regular XT90.


I’m so sorry I didn’t see your email. I was waiting for it all day, but didn’t even realize it came when I was asleep. I actually tried shorting the eswitch as soon as I finished soldering all the connectors to the battery.(cause that’s how switches work) that was my first instinct, but I still couldn’t get it to power my VESC you can see from the pictures I posted. I’m sorry again for my haste comment.
It’d be amazing if you could send me a D140.


To be honest. We don’t offer those tanks anymore because they have so many problems.
I have a d140 with your name on it.


I’ll mail it in the morning with tracking


Thank you so much. again I apologize for my foolishness.


Actually I’m going to send you a new bms unit we are currently using in our builds. It’s self contained and super easy to wire.



I’ll send a loop key as well and you can test it out for us.


I would recommend the series connections go across the middle, that reduces the chance it can short in the middle from one side to the other


to elimnate the need for the extra fishpaper @Eboosted suggested


that sounds awesome. this works for 10s right? cause the specification sheet says 12s


Yes, the data sheet is for 12s but it comes in 10s.