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10S3P 18650 Battery Pack + 10s BMS



Hi all,

I’m selling this battery system. All parts are taken out of an Enertion Space Cell.

Asking price is : $250
I will cover shipping in the U.S.

The parts are:
-30x LG LGDBHE21865 18650s. 10S3P (It’s stack 2 high because my build demanded it. However, if you want to flatten it so its 2 high, just cut the heat shrink and flip it open like a book.) || -> _ _
-1x 10s BMS. Im pretty sure it’s 30A max. @onloop?
-1x LCD fuel gauge
-1x Power Switch
-1x Charging Port
-1x Enertion Fast Charger
I’ll throw in the enclosure for free.

How it all looks on a 34 inch board: http://imgur.com/a/Edfbd

Again, asking price is $250


Ill take it! Any issues or complaints with the system?


No issues that I can find.
Here’s a youtube clip: https://youtu.be/V68_HF_Sqt8


Space Cell is 60amp max.


A+ video

Very transparent, and solid quality to show that everything works.


Hey I’m really interested, is this still up for sale?


I’m confirming things with Alex currently. For now its taken.