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100mm Boa Constrictor wheels



No…all I’m basically asking for here is a 100mm kegel shaped wheel in a abec classic like formula :frowning: I just don’t understand why rounded lips are so popular for esk8…don’t get me wrong just why not get the extra grip from square lips and wider patches… We are trying to put torque to the ground…not gravity gains… :confused:


Because we don’t want the wheels to chunk. I can assure you the prototype wheels I have are not lacking in the grip department AT ALL. :stuck_out_tongue:


I never see Yellow Egg, Red Ferrari, Cherry Candy, Electric Blue, Neon Blue, Neon Green. We are sick and tired of lame greens with stupid orange hubs that look like Piña Colada cocktails. Pleaseeee no more lame greens, no more Orange or Purple Orangatangs. For once in your life and the esk8 world… BE ORIGINAL !! Follow the trend, ask the community. Don’t bring colors that YOU like, bring colors the ESK8ERs like!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Do these Harfang style wheels with channels actually work? I asked someone one time and they told me it was a gimmick, however I haven’t ever tried them


Who cares if it’s a gimmick? They look badass XD


Because they chunk! Square lips are a no-no around here. Get it man. Trust us. Is a fact. Perhaps in the skateboard world they are fave, perhaps they chunk after a suicidal Pikes Peak downhill and they don’t care, but here they chunk big time. Perhaps is due to the motor torque, shitty cities street pavement, unprepared roads, no-balanced esk8boards, whatever the cause they chunk; is a reality. Rounded lips for this community, don’t ask no more questions. It is what it is.


And yet you post a picture of square lipped wheels. But ok whatever lol.


I think that wheel was more an example of a more appealing color choice than ideal wheel shape.

Gotta kind of agree with @pixelsilva though. I was really excited about these wheels in that yummy, gummy "Jed Red" color, but dark purple doesn’t seem as interesting, dynamic or instantly recognizable. If these wheels do end up seriously competing with big Abec-11 flywheels in ride and quality, I think it would be an interesting dichotomy to have instantly recognizable “Jed Red” Kegels or “Abec-11 Green” Flywheels dominating the big thane esk8 scene.


…It was about the color, bro. Nothing else.


@captainjez could you start a new thread about your new wheels and not have this one hijacked? I think there’s interest in your white wheels and also the red jelly boa too. grouping the two together is confusing as hell.


As far as I am aware, they are all the same wheel but they’re different prototypes trying out different formulas and colors and all that. I could be wrong, but I think the white wheels are the same wheel.


It’s all the same wheel, just various blends of our formula we’re testing at the moment.


Hey, Did anybody manage to get hold of a Durometer in thee end?


I’m definitely interested to know how the Slick Revolution Rough Stuff wheels compare to the MBS All Terrain wheels as they are both on the top of my list atm! (If I can find them at a reasonable price that is…)


I got a shore durometer but it was Chinesium and arrived broken from the factory and had to be returned. Basically, exactly what you expect from cheap chinese crap. The three Cs

I’ll have to try to obtain a durometer made elsewhere



This duro u mean?


Ahh man that sucks! & yep if you manage to get one elsewhere then please keep us updated! If you could also get hold of some SR Rough Stuff & MBS All Terrain wheels to test that would be perfect! :money_mouth_face: Hehe


If things go as planned, I will have the answer for you on Friday.


Feel free to send me some :stuck_out_tongue: for science …


Thanks for the reply but I’m mainly after details of the Rough Stuff wheels VS MBS All Terrains…

I should probably start another topic regarding this seeing as this one is really for the Boas but this seemed like a good place to start…



Ooooh Nice; Sounds promising! :nerd_face: