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100mm Boa Constrictor wheels



Those look like the ones Jed Boards is going to send me to try out.


I’m guessing you could contact Jeremy from Boa Wheels. (same Jeremy from Jed Boards) Production wheels are not available yet, he is soliciting community feedback right now on the prototypes. Probably 1st quarter 2018. I don’t know who will sell them at retail but Boa will sell them at wholesale. I’m not sure if they will sell them at retail as well; I didn’t ask. I only asked about wholesale


Yep! Same wheel


Yeah i hit them up on Instagram and was told they’d be reaching out to let me test a set…100mm with a kegel core is dope


well whats the “actual” duro on this?


Is there a reason they choose the kegal core over the flywheel core? seems like there’s more options for the flywheel core out there…and yes I would love to try these wheels out…and what is the duro of the thane?


Please be patient, I am waiting for a shore durometer to arrive in the mail.


The kegel-style core is stronger and objectively “better” for large-sized longboard wheels, aside from the obvious pulley-compatibility issues.


The dh longboarders will tell you the Cannibal core on the Magnums is the best core, in fact proven to be the fastest core on earth so far…I also hear a lot of great things about the Speedvent cores and they come in a nice defcon thane too! Has anyone made wheel pulleys for the Speedvents or the Venom core on the Magnums?

If anyone has some plug-n-play pulleys for either of these, I need to talk to you!


@PredatorBoards I have some rough stuff wheels and actually they do feel pretty hard. Is there an easy way I can test them? I have some 97mm ABEC flywheels I can compare them too but just by touching I can tell they are a lot firmer


Roll them both off a table slowly onto a hard surface and see how high they bounce – or get a little deeper into the woods with scientific measurements – or just take them out and ride them hard and see which you like more


speed vents would work with bolt through style pulleys just fine. They would also work fine with insert pulleys most likely provided someone would design one for them. I would be willing to use them if anyone would like to volunteer a model i can upload and have printed.

I have 33-38T in flywheel/clone compatible and 32-38T for kegel cores. Speed vents would be a nice addition to the collection.


Bolt on with lip for support bearing. 38t


is that for a speed vent or just a generic bolt through that would work? it seems kind of large at 38T.


ok standby…


Here you go, Rough stuff vs ABEC 11 Flywheel, dropped from two different heights

EDIT - not sure how to embed the link


They’re specifically for speedvents. I’ve been using a 34t older version design


I have some speed vents on my old Metroboard


ok dude, I need a 15mm wide 36 speedvent 5m pulley ASAP please, I wish to try them and compare to Abec11 under electric conditions…


Keep me posted on the Rough Stuff wheels durometer. I set my eyes on those a few months back but their 85a duro intrigued me a bit. If their duro comes much better (lower number) than advertised I think we got a winner here. Lets see…