1.8 Mile UP-Hill Race


Hey Ben, if @onloop isn’t interested in seeing this R2+4 fly and you guys come up short I will put you on my board. I’ve seen you ride. Find leathers.


Heeeey @JohnnyMeduse. The boys from Hoyt Skateboards have expressed an interest in a production class for the Barrett race. Would be nice to have a LaCroix or 2 in it.
Im liking the sounds of this production class for the hill the more I think about it. Hoyt, Ollin, LaCroix, Enertion, Evolve. What about standarized customs from @longhairedboy and @psychotiller put in the same class with the production boards.


I would love to have somebody commission an uphill race board for something like this.


For the folks who are flying in, can we just mail our batteries to the cafe and pick them up when we arrive?

Perhaps I will give them a call and ask them about this.


I see the idea, but I see the line blurring a lot. I think if you had a baja board show up for example (cough cough), it would be game over for everyone else in the production class sine it’s a decently sized 4wd vs 2wd boards.

If I managed to get a 4wd hummie hub board into “small” production, would that then quality as a production board? I feel like the line is a bit blurry, that’s all.

I think everyone should just go at it together and compare the results at the end for what it is. Give a prize though to the fastest production board, like how evolve gave a prize for the fastest single lap.

I think classes as a whole are tricky, because it’s like comparing apples to oranges. Board A could be 12k watts, with a top speed of 40mph, and board B has 6k watts with a top speed of 25mph. The 2 are really in a different place, but how do you split them apart?

My advice, just build the fastest, most powerful death stick you can and bring it to the hill, haha.


When companys vest an Intrest in racing competition it drives markets and innovation. Yes, I would run as a group with the small # of boards in this first of a kind event. Separating into two heats may be better. Having a podium for the production boards is a necessity. Gonna be a great weekend of running and bombing the hill. Promoter Ryan Farmer stated he would like to sort out the format in the pit meeting before the race :checkered_flag::checkered_flag:


How many classes should be at those races? How about…

Unlimited …for highly customized boards (Stooge, etc)
Heavy …for standard production AT boards (Baja, Velox, etc)
Production …for standard production boards (Hoyt, Ollin, LaCroix, Enertion, Evolve, etc)
Standard Custom …for custom production boards (Hummie, LHB, Psychotiller, etc)


I’d like to see a Baja maintaining stability bover 26mph. She’s a big heavy girl with trecherous bump steer issues.


Things to be figured out for sure. Down the road when board counts become abundant. For now keep the rule book thin keep the racing fun and grow it. Gotta make it a thing before we can make a thing of it.


Im really excited for it to be a thing


Exiting times to be in this hobby!


I guess that might be true. I haven’t ridden one, but from video and specs alone, it shouldn’t have any issue with outpowering the rest.


@longhairedboy is working on posting a proper add for the Barrett UH race on site. If you’re ok with having your name published and and could send me a brief description of your sled please contact me at and will add you to the promo roster.
Thanks. Also to be clear. The promoter wants to be sure everyone understands this is an Outlaw event.


Can we give our boards funny names like Banana Rocket?


“Ol Grumpy” got her name when she tossed me like a ragdoll to the desert.


Did well to walk away from that one Moe. I watch that weekly because it blows my mind tbh :sunglasses:
Ol grumpy suits her well. Too much of a treck for me that barrett junction meet but good luck with the meet and again great stuff in promoting the scene.


“The 44” in that blue is Sexy AF


Its a work of pure art


yes please do include board nicknames, minimal specs, and rider first and last name if you would like to be included in the roster. I think getting names out there is important. You need names for fans to follow, and you need fans for events to continue.



This is the unofficial nickname I have adopted for my evo because it very nearly ended my idiot number 1.

( all my boys are called idiot 1 - 3)