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#001 | Evolve trucks | 3D printed enclosure | Dual 6355s 190kv | Custom lipo | Focbox unity | swappable battery



do the batteries slide out or something? do you need to remove the screws to replace them?


Best thing you can do for warping is use a large brim and enclose the printer somehow, heat everything and let it sit for half an hour and only then start printing


if you want to change the whole battery you just have to press the blue release button and access the battery. if you want to excahnge single cells of course you have to unscrew the battery to get access to the single lipos


the trend goes to a third 3d printer :sweat_smile:


Does that mean it (the battery) slides out all in one piece?


Yes. The blue button releases the entire battery in 1 piece.


a bit of progress… battery body is done and the fit is snug and good so far. i have to change a few things in my actual 3d designand reprint the part because ocd…

  • cable management holder are to tiny so the bms cables cant fit through properly
  • bms snap holder are to tight <-- rethink the concepts
  • bit more gap for the batterys to handle the swelling and as well for the xt90 connectors
  • thicken up the locking mechanism

Pros: petg print came out super sturdy and pretty with only a bit of oozing and


Really enjoying this project! Keep us updated!!!


Updates updates updates

Reprinted the body with the updates now everything fits nicely. Right now the counter part cap is on the printer. (Should be done within next 20hrs)

Printed everything with clear filament due the fact that I ran out of different colors and thought never mind I paint it anyway but now as a see the lipos and cable shine through that translucent body… Gorgeous…



this is one of the coolest battery designs i have ever seen.
keep up the great work


Firstly, what an awesome design,
Just a lil question, in the CAD design, im not seeing a cutout for the charge port on the main housing (where the ESC’s are), which might(?) be an issue seeing the couple of mm the charge port sticks out on the battery mockup, is this fixed now?


What printer did you end up getting :smiley:



in the picture the chargout isnt fully put in the housing… its sitting flush with the battery housing, when assembled propperly :sweat_smile:


Got the Anycubic Chiron. Huge platform, good heat bed and the overall print quality is decent.